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The aim of STARiNSURED is to create the process of buying insurance and making claims easier. The company is devoted to enable customers to make their own insurance decisions and complete the entire process online through easy-to-operate steps. This online tech-savvy platform helps the customers in comparing, opting and managing policies by decrypting the satisfactory print; thus making the process fast, easy and hassle-free. Insurance advisors are always available to help for any query from purchase to claims. A team of highly motivated professionals with years of experience in the insurance industry makes company a leading platform and preferred online portal.

What STARiNSURED does?

Company features products from top insurers and helps in comparing various insurance plans that best suit the need of customer. It also facilitates its valuable customers in opting right insurance policy online through its swift customer service. Insurance includes Travel,Two wheeler,Health and Car.

How STARiNSURED online portal works?

Customers first need to select the type of insurance policy they are looking for and fill relevant information. Once it is done, the portal displays a detailed comparison plans of the insurers. Customer can select the best match to their requirement and buy it directly, if satisfied. In case of any further query, customer can take company’s expert help line to select the right policy.

Why STARiNSURED is the right place to get insured?

STARiNSURED enjoys the honour of being top notch service provider right from comparison of the quotes till the buying of the best suit insurance policy. The company truly recognize customer priority and their satisfaction; and thus always endeavour to achieve the same. The four factors below define STARiNSURED a most preferred online portal for getting Insurance.

CEO & Principal Officer


Integrated with top insurers, STARiNSURED provides best price deal with an unbiased comparison among all insurance policies, which helps the customers to find best suit and big savings on their insurance investments.

Genuine & Secure

STARiNSURED is being operated and managed by Star Insurance Brokers Ltd. and licensed under IRDA/ DB 623/ 15. Keeping customers’ information secure is a top priority, which is not shared with anyone except for the use by STARiNSURED to communicate with insurers to get customers insured.


STARiNSURED provides end-to-end information to get Insured. An advisory team is always available to give detailed and clear solution.

Guaranteed Claim

No false promise, spam or insistent deal. STARiNSURED is fully reliable to provide guaranteed claim.